Which is right for you? A free cheat or a paid hack?

Free Battlefield 4 Aimbot

free-battlefield-4-aimbotLooking to download a free Battlefield 4 Aimbot? Read our tips on free and paid Battlefield 4 hacks and cheats, or sign-up for our site to get our BF4 cheat through our launcher.

  1. Public and free cheats can easily be downloaded and detected by punkbuster. It’s very easy for punkbuster staff to go to the most popular forums or websites and download any cheats or hacks people are using to add them to punkbuster scans. For this reason, if you use public hacks you should expect to lose your game key very quickly.
  2. Many BF4 hacks advertised as “free” can contain viruses or spyware. Whenever you see a website or video that offers a free download, be very wary. It can be very profitable for people to advertise free cheats in order to get you to download a RAT, trojan, botnet or other nasty piece of code. Worse, the hack it is bundled with usually does not work or is already detected.
  3. Public hacks and free battlefield 4 aimbots are not updated as often and usually offer fewer features than private hacks. If you want the best hacking experience, public hacks usually provide a sub-par experience.

We wholeheartedly recommend you look at available private hacks for battlefield 4. Not only do you support the hack developers when you pay for a private hack, but you get a better product. Private hacks are updated more frequently, usually offer more features, and almost always remain undetected longer than public hacks. In some cases they may never even be detected! In the long term you can save money by using private hacks then repurchasing a game every time you are banned.

Free Battlefield 4 Aimbot (hack) features

The most common features available in free hacks are basic aimbots, esp, and radar features. Many free hacks also require an injector to load, and may not have any customization options.

Private Battlefield 4 cheat features

There are usually many more advanced features in private hacks. These range from additional aimbot features like no-spread, no-recoil, or even vehicle weapon aiming. Other features may include automatic spotting features, more configuration options, and more advanced Punkbuster protection. Our own hack has multiple levels of security against punkbuster built in to ensure our users are as safe as possible.

Downloading a hack/cheat/aimbot

If you’re interested in a private battlefield 4 aimbot, check out our own offerings. We offer the full package of cheat launcher, in-game-menu for hack customization, a big list of features, and multiple levels of protection against punkbuster. We even have an active community forum where you can come and hang out, make friends or get support if needed!