Download BF4 Aimbot

We have a fantastic private bf4 aimbot available for download, but if you’re interested in learing more about how to download bf4 aimbots, I will tell you everything you need to know in the next few paragraphs. How to find a cheat or aimbot, download it, and run it securely, while avoiding spyware and viruses.


Get a Private Aimbot

While you may be able to find a free battlefield 4 aimbot ┬ájust with a simple google or youtube search, these are rarely every a good idea to use. Many internet marketers and hackers post fake cheats and hacks on file sharing sites, blogs, and video sites. They’ll send you to a download that contains malware or trojans, or the download link will require you to complete a survey. After you’re done you’ll find out the hack was fake, or a detected public hack.

download-bf4-aimbotPublic hacks are also frequently detected by Punkbuster as their anti-cheat team can easily download them and add them to their scans. If you do end up using public aimbots, you’ll probably end up paying more for new battlefield keys than if you had purchased a private hack.

Private Aimbots on the other hand offer many more features than their public equivalents, and are more frequently updated. At the end of the day, you get a much better product and support coders that create this software. If you’re convinced, visit our site: Download BF4 Aimbot

Aimbot Features

  • Aiming Key – Set the key that will activate your aimbot
  • Field of View – Set how far from the aiming retucule the aimbot will activate
  • Aim Bone – Set what bone or area of the body the aimbot will target first
  • Visibility Checking – Aim at enemies that are not visible, or only those that are visible
  • Auto-Shoot – Automatically fire at enemies you are locked onto
  • Aiming Speed – How fast the aimbot will turn to aim at an enemy
  • Aiming Lock – Stay locked onto targets even if they are no longer visible
  • Smartaim – Faster and more precise aiming

Finding your Aimbot

If you’re looking for an aimbot, you can of course use google and youtube to find options, however please consider our own aimbot offering. We have a fully undetected Battlefield 4 hack with precision bone aimbot, multiple esp features, radar, in-game menu, and multiple levels of security to protect against detection. Besides that we have an active community forum where you can have a friendly chat and get help. Sign up with us now at Download BF4 Aimbot!

Update this July 2014: Since we launched the hack last year we have not had a single punkbuster detection. That means no one who used our cheats in the last months has been banned by punkbuster. Our hack also includes all the options you need to stay under the radar from fairfight, with many of our users reaching rank 100.