BF4 Cheat

Looking for a Battlefield 4 Cheat? Want to level up extremely fast, boost your KDR ratio, and be at the top of the scoreboard every match you play online? That’s all easy with a cheat for BF4.


July 2014 Update: Since launch we have continued to update our cheat to increase it’s power. With features like spectator warnings and smarter aiming precision, you’re getting a powered up cheat without a single punkbuster detection since its launch. If avoiding bans is important to you, our cheat is your best bet.

If you’re expecting cheats like  instant level 50 hacks, or cheats that kill an entire server I can promise you will not find those here, or anywhere for that matter. Like many online games, Battlefield is well secured and uses server checks to ensure that you cannot do these kinds of things. Even if you could, if they were publicly available on the internet they would be quickly patched by DICE. For this reason, the kinds of cheats you will find will be things like wallhacks, aimbots, no-recoil and no-spread. These are all more common hacks that are possible in most, if not all first person shooters.

If you are hoping for some kind of insane cheats that give you godlike powers, don’t despair too much however. Aimbots alone are extremely powerful, and can get you through an entire match without a single death if you play very well. Wallhacks are essential for seeing the locations of other players around you and making smart tactical decisions in choosing who to engage. Also, there is a huge different between a good aimbot or wallhack, and a bad one. It can make the world of a difference if your aimbot is accurate and includes features like no-recoil or no-spread, versus one that does not.

How to Run Cheats

First you’ll need to find a BF4 cheat, like the one we offer here. We recommend one with a software launcher, since it will let you easily load the hack and automatically get the newest version each time it’s started. This is a much simpler process than using a cheat dll with an injector.

Load your cheat, then join a server. Once you are playing, you can open your hack menu by pressing DELETE or INSERT to configure your features. It’s really that simple!

Detection and Staying Safe

Of course, you are probably aware that cheating in BF4 is not allowed and can result in a ban of your key. Punkbuster is always on the lookout for cheats, and are especially proactive about detecting them around launch. The best way to avoid punkbuster bans is to stick to using private hacks that aren’t offered by the very biggest hacking sites (punkbuster targets the most well known sites).

There’s also GameBlock’s FairFight to worry about this time around. FairFight works by looking for suspicious statistics like accuracy, the distance you kill players with various weapons, KDR and others. If you “Rage” hack you will likely eventually be banned as your statistics will look exactly like a hacker. To stay under the radar, only use your aimbot sparingly, or do not use an aimbot at all. The aimbot is always the easiest hack for Fairfight to track as having a high accuracy on your kills is a dead giveaway.

Get our undetected BF4 cheat, designed for user safety with the best features we could pack in. Sign-up below!