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The Best Features

With our Aimbot, ESP, Radar and more, our hack has the key features you need to dominate.

Precision Bone Aimbot

Make every bullet count with our Battlefield 4 aimbot. Take perfect headshots every time, and hit fast moving targets.

Easy Cheating Interface

Configure your setup in a matter of seconds through our in-game menu interface.

Undetected Cheating

Our BF4 Aimbot is undetected by Punkbuster, and protected with multiple levels of security.

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Chat, learn, and make friends on our board. Read guides and share tips on Battlefield 4 hacking.


Battlefield 4 Precision Aimbot

Load up our bone aimbot for perfect accuracy.

With an experienced development team that has written hacks for Battlefield Bad Company, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 – We’re prepared to release our most powerful hack yet for Battlefield 4. With features like our super-accurate bone aimbot, full ESP options, and player RADAR, you have the ultimate advantage in game to rank up incredibly fast and dominate every server you join.

Open the hack menu, enable your aimbot, and customize your settings to fit your play-style. Enable multiple ESP options, Auto-spotting, 2D player radar and more. We’re hard at work at adding even more features to our premium BF4 Aimbot & hack.

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